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John Drentlaw, LEED AP

Principal & Lead Estimator
John will contribute to the Architectural, and MEP sections of the estimates. He leads the estimating team in each project phase and attends the related meetings.

Marius Michael, PE

Sr. Consultant – Electrical Estimator
Marius will prepare the Electrical estimates.

Larry Peterson, PE

Sr. Consultant - Structural & Architectural Estimator
Larry will prepare the Structural estimate and contribute to Architectural estimating.

Curt Kolar, CPE

Senior Consultant
2011 National “President’s Award” recipient “For outstanding service ...

Cristobal Cardenas

Cristobal studied higher education is Civil Engineering and acquired is ...

Mike Gilliland, RLA

Sr. Consultant – Civil & Landscaping Estimator
Mike will prepare the Landscaping, Civil and contribute to Architectural estimating.