JLD Construction Consulting provides project planning and analyzes the services being provided by owner representatives, managers, consultants, A/E, and contractors for objective oversight and contribution to the success of all parties delivering the project.

Project planning & auditing includes.

  1. Resource analysis
  2. Quality expectations
  3. Understanding of multiple delivery strategies with related risk
  4. Uncovering value added opportunities
  5. Program delivery review to ensure compliance with intent


  • To maximize value and lower risk, projects require continual improvements incorporated into multiple areas of the project. This is due to the significant difference between every project that is designed and built.
  • With continual improvements project teams implement new processes that are learned and systems that change from regulations and new technology for life cycle benefits.
  • Project operations teams participate in the new technology.
  • The continual improvement integration provides continual Added Value from lessons learned for endless improvements delivering projects that are above expectations!