Managing Construction Costs in a Post-Pandemic World: Strategies for Success

Construction Costs

Managing Construction Costs in a Post-Pandemic World: Strategies for Success

In the midst of the evolving construction industry landscape, with media placing a strong focus on Mass Timber projects, JLD Cost Consulting has successfully navigated the challenges brought by the global Covid-19 pandemic. Amidst this shift, we recognize the crucial role of material delivery, emphasizing a holistic understanding of the entire project. Leveraging advanced tools such as 3D models, we ensure seamless collaboration and information sharing among the project team, providing insights into critical equipment and materials. As supply chain disruptions decrease and inventory availability increases due to project cancellations, we remain steadfast in our commitment to guiding clients through this transformed environment.

Understanding the New Normal

The first step in overcoming challenges is understanding them. JLD Cost Consulting conducts in-depth research into current material, equipment, and labor rates, considering the impact of pandemic-induced changes in the supply chain. By staying abreast of these shifts, JLD provides clients with a comprehensive view of the new normal, helping them make informed decisions.

Strategies for Managing Costs

JLD employs a multifaceted approach to manage construction costs effectively. The team identifies risk areas, reducing the likelihood of change orders and ensuring project feasibility. Through detailed planning, stakeholders’ expectations are aligned, mitigating uncertainties that can impact costs and timelines.

Incorporating Escalation in Estimates

Acknowledging the volatility in material and labor costs, JLD brings escalation into estimates where warranted. This forward-thinking approach allows project owners to plan for future purchasing effectively, ensuring the most efficient capital improvement for both current and future projects.

The JLD Difference

At JLD Consulting, we take pride in our focused expertise, comprehensive consulting services, and proactive approach to cost estimating. Our primary goal is to maximize value, minimize risk, and instill confidence, value, and quality in every construction project we undertake. With years of experience and a dedicated team of professionals, we offer objective consulting to establish benchmarks for labor efficiency and materials. This ensures that project costs are accurately estimated, reducing uncertainties and risks associated with budget overruns and change orders.

Transparency and proactive communication are at the heart of our approach. We prioritize clear and open communication with stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring that expectations are aligned and projects stay on track. Our tailored approach to planning and auditing involves thorough resource analysis, expectation management, and process improvement initiatives. By involving all stakeholders and project teams, we uncover value-added opportunities and implement lessons learned for the benefit of current and future projects.

With offices in Portland, Bend, and Seattle, we offer convenient access to our consulting services across the Pacific Northwest. Our team holds professional certifications in various disciplines, including cost estimating, engineering, project management, scheduling, and sustainable design practices. Each team member is personally committed to meeting your project deadlines and exceeding your expectations. Contact us today to experience the JLD Consulting difference in your construction projects.