Project Spotlight: Mojave Air and Spaceport-Runway Rehabilitation


JLD Cost Consulting had the privilege of partnering with Mojave Air and Space Port on this significant runway rehabilitation project. To accommodate a larger spectrum of aircraft, this ambitious project involved expanding the main 150-foot runway to a 200-foot runway. This mission-critical task required our expert services in cost estimating and value engineering.  A key element of JLD’s estimate for this project was our analysis of the labor market in Kern County. By accurately establishing those rates, factoring in union and non-union work, then comparing them with the project schedule, we were able to provide the Port with an accurate picture of the cost of the project. Mojave Air and Space Port required a targeted estimate of a part of the project not yet financed by grant funding. Our subsequent research and cost estimate gave the Port the data they needed to apply for the additional funds.

“JLD Consulting did a great job – they responded immediately to our inquiry about performing an independent third-party cost estimate for a federal grant, and when we gave the go- ahead they got started right away. They also ended up finishing way ahead of schedule, providing us with a comprehensive final package.”

Management– Mojave Air and Space Sport

The runway rehabilitation was a complex project, entailing the careful and efficient allocation of resources to ensure cost- effectiveness and the successful acquisition of grant funding for MASP. The broad scope of the project, coupled with its technical demands and the unique challenges associated with construction in a desert climate, required an in-depth understanding of project cost estimation and resource management and it exemplifies the work we do and the value we offer our clients.

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