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Understanding Life Cycle Cost Analysis for Long-Term Project Success

In the world of construction and infrastructure development, the concept of cost often gets reduced to initial construction expenses. However, it’s essential to go beyond this limited perspective by considering lifecycle costing, an approach that evaluates the total cost of owning and operating a facility over its entire lifespan.

Project Spotlight: Bend's 2nd Street Warming Shelter

At JLD Cost Consulting, we continuously strive for excellence in delivering top-notch cost consulting services across various sectors. One of the most rewarding recent projects that we supported was the renovation of the 2nd Street Warming Shelter in Bend, a vital resource for the local homeless community.

Project Spotlight: Mojave Air and Spaceport- Runway Rehabilitation

JLD Cost Consulting had the privilege of partnering with Mojave Air and Space Port on this significant runway rehabilitation project.”  Click the link to learn more below about our experience working with this cutting-edge aviation facility to expand their runway capacity.

A Farewell To Spreadsheets

The absence of a clear audit trail in spreadsheets can also make it challenging to pinpoint the roots of errors, potentially impacting the cost-efficiency of operations. JLD sees this as an opportunity to explore better, more transparent methods for tracking and improving workplace processes.While spreadsheets have been the go-to solution for many years, they may not always be the most adaptable or user-friendly option. Implementing changes can be time-consuming, and the static nature of spreadsheets often lead to frustrating error cascades.

JLD Cost Consulting: Championing Value Engineering for Optimized Results

Did you know that the benefits of Value Engineering (VE) extend beyond cost savings? At JLD Cost Consulting, we believe VE is not just a cost-cutting exercise, but a systematic method to enhance overall project value.

The Importance of Constructability Reviews in Project Success: An Insider Look from JLD Cost Consulting

In the realm of construction and infrastructure development, the success of a project hinges on a multitude of factors, including risk management, cost estimating, project delivery and constructability reviews. Here at JLD Cost Consulting, we provide the constructability  reviews that play a pivotal role in ensuring project success.

Terminal One, Port of Vancouver USA

We are honored to be part of this award-winning project that showcases the best of design excellence and public-private partnership in the Pacific Northwest.

Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July from JLD Cost Consulting!

Earth Day 2023: Carbon Assessments and Cost Estimation

Earth Day 2023: Carbon Assessments and Cost Estimation

We recognize that crafting an environmental policy or approach involves many factors, both for a specific construction project and for the industry as a whole. However, we cannot build sustainably without understanding how our projects affect manmade climate change. That is why JLD offers cost analysis and value engineering to our clients based on the assessed level of a project’s embodied carbon.

The Value of 3D Modeling in Project Design

The Value of 3D Modeling in Project Design

It’s no secret that the construction industry is slow to make changes. The oldest recorded architectural drawings in history date back to about 2200 BC. Gudea, a ruler of the ancient Mesopotamian city-state of Lagash, was honored with a statue that includes the floor...

Cost Consulting 101: Understanding Project Delivery Methods

Cost Consulting 101: Understanding Project Delivery Methods

For construction project owners, selecting a project delivery method may seem like an overwhelming task. Each delivery method has its own advantages and drawbacks, making each method better-suited for some projects and a worse-fit for others. Selecting a project...


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