As a firm, JLD encourages its employees to do good in our communities. And, giving back is especially important during these uncertain, straining times. Last Thursday, Josh Morton, through the Meals on Wheels – Meals 4 Kids program, delivered meals to eight families within the Portland Metro area, whose income level is 185% or lower of the federal poverty level. The following is Josh’s account of his community service day.

“Coming from a less fortunate background and upbringing, I know the day to day struggle of having to worry where the next meal will come from. Meals 4 kids provides a great opportunity to get involved in the local community and give back to those in need, delivering perishable goods and resources to families and kids throughout the local Portland Metropolitan area and beyond. I find joy and happiness volunteering in any capacity, but more importantly seeing the parents and kids smile amidst the current state. I was greeted on more than one occasion, during delivery route, by adults and their children who were very gracious for the resources they were provided, some of which asked if I would be delivering there meals next week. The little things go a long way.”

– Josh Morton, JLD Cost Consultant